What You Should Know About Making Roof Repairs Before Selling Your Houston Home

Modern home buyers have a strong preference for properties that are move-in ready. Busy schedules, a lack of DIY skills compared to previous generations, and the increasing costs of construction materials and labor have heightened their motivation to seek out homes that require minimal maintenance.

This is unfortunate news for homeowners looking to sell a property that requires repairs due to issues like termites, mold, or a leaky roof. The damage may be a result of severe weather in the Houston area or simply the natural wear and tear of an aging home. However, there is a silver lining: not every homeowner facing common roofing problems must undertake roof repairs before attempting to sell. For more information, please continue reading.

You Need to Know What a New Roof Costs

New roofs are a sought-after feature that realtors often highlight. Buyers value them because they satisfy mortgage lenders and insurers, increasing the likelihood of allocating their limited funds towards enjoyable renovations rather than costly structural repairs.

For modern homeowners, roofs can often be nothing more than a nuisance. Typically, the cost of roof replacement ranges from $7,000 to $20,000. With construction costs on the rise in recent years, roofs can become quite expensive. According to Forbes, actual prices may be considerably higher depending on factors such as geographical location, roof structure, roofing material, and more.

Adding insult to injury, a new roof yields a disappointingly low return on investment, despite its potential to impress prospective buyers. According to Zillow, homeowners who invest in a new roof typically see an average return of less than 60%. This stands in stark contrast to the substantial returns often associated with other valuable upgrades. Consequently, it doesn’t make much sense to prioritize roof repairs solely based on financial considerations when selling a house.

Front of a Home In Houston With Roof Issues That We Helped Sell
Sound Homebuyers Can Buy Houses With Roof Damage For Cash

You Need To Know A New Roof’s Hidden Costs

A roof replacement’s initial cost is just a fraction of the overall expense. Numerous unforeseen costs, including your valuable time, are associated with getting a new roof. For homeowners looking to sell, finding the spare time to conduct research on roofing firms, costs, and supplies can be challenging. Additionally, requesting inspections and price quotes from multiple suppliers, and taking time off work to oversee the roof replacement process, adds to the demands.

Allocating time for this can involve delaying other vital presale tasks or utilizing valuable work-related vacation days.

You Need To Know About The Costs Related To Timing

Traditionally, the housing market experiences its peak activity during the spring and summer seasons. With pleasant weather and children on break from school, families find it more convenient to relocate. Conversely, buyers tend to avoid moving during holidays or in inclement weather, as these conditions can pose challenges and potential hazards.

Regrettably, in the Houston region, spring and summer coincide with the optimal periods for roof replacement. Opting for a new roof may compel homeowners to delay selling their homes, potentially causing them to miss out on vital market opportunities for a sale.

Timing can pose a challenge for homeowners who need to sell their property due to finalizing a divorce, inheriting a home, or facing an emergency medical crisis. If they delay getting a new roof installed, these property owners may end up paying a higher price for a home they’ve owned for months. Examples include:

  • Taxes
  • Insurances
  • Utility Bills
  • Mortgage Payments
  • Maintenance Costs

When replacing a roof, it’s common to encounter additional or associated expenses. Homeowners might discover leaks and other damages once the old roof is removed, or they may need to repair the support structures due to damage. Addressing these issues is crucial before completing the roofing project and putting their property on the market.

You Need To Know About The Option To Leave the Roof As-Is Even If Damaged.

Many homeowners contemplate selling their houses as-is, even with a broken roof, but this approach can be detrimental for sellers. Unfortunately, it is not advisable if you wish to sell through the traditional real estate process. To understand why, let’s consider the typical requirements of home buyers. You will need to address the following aspects, which will likely involve repairs or replacements. This highlights one of the challenges of not replacing the roof and opting for a conventional sale through a realtor.

Prior to making a purchase, it is imperative for traditional buyers to undergo a thorough inspection of the property. This is necessary to ensure that properties meet the lender’s standards, particularly for purchasers who require a mortgage. In order to qualify for financing, homes must adhere to industry-required safety and habitability criteria. Additionally, home insurance is typically mandated for buyers.

Inspectors are mandated to assess and document the condition of a house’s roof, underscoring its significance. Insurance providers may limit coverage for houses with roof damage, and lenders may deny mortgages for houses with broken roofs.

In order to be prepared, it’s important to address any roofing issues as potential buyers are often deterred by such concerns. Surprisingly, this is one of the primary factors that lead customers to choose a competing product. The reason behind this is that many homebuyers allocate a significant portion of their savings towards the down payment. Consequently, after purchasing their new home, they may face a financial constraint that prevents them from undertaking major home modifications, such as roofing, for a considerable period of time. As a result, they tend to avoid purchasing properties that appear to require significant renovations, including the installation of a new roof, within the next five years or so.

If you’re contemplating withholding information about roofing issues from potential buyers, think twice. Although it can be tempting and is often attempted, a traditional home sale requires a comprehensive inspection that includes assessing and documenting the condition of the roof. This step is crucial for buyers seeking mortgages and homeowners’ insurance, as inspectors are trained to identify problems. The roof, being one of the key structural components, receives close scrutiny during the inspection process.

Furthermore, every state has a statute that requires disclosure in some form. This means that if sellers fail to disclose known issues or hide housing problems, buyers have the right to take legal action. These standards, although they may vary slightly, are applicable to all cases. It is imperative for property owners to directly address the issue of damaged roofs. In Texas, the law is unequivocal – disclosure in home sales is mandatory.

The Best Option For Selling a House With a Bad Roof Is Cash Buyers

Struggling property owners may feel trapped by a faulty roof. Traditional sales can be difficult, and replacing the roof may not be cost-effective unless the house is in excellent condition, newer, and requires no other modifications or repairs. In such circumstances, choosing a professional house buyer like Sound Homebuyers in Houston can be a fantastic option.

When selling to a professional house buyer, there’s no need for inspections, disclosures, repairs, or improvements. You don’t even have to worry about clearing out clutter from the attic or basement, or getting rid of unused items. Plus, there are no commissions, closing fees, or additional expenses. With Sound Homebuyers, you can accept their cash offer without any obligations. And if you do accept, the deal can be finalized and you’ll get paid in just about a week. Sound Homebuyers buy houses all over Texas like Houston, Texas City, Alvin, and more!If this option seems like a viable solution, even if your home requires additional repairs or has more extensive damage, and you still wish to sell quickly, we invite you to explore more about us on our website. Discover how our process works and learn about our outstanding local reputation. Feel free to contact us today at 717-639-2164. We would be delighted to discuss your specific situation with you.

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