How To Sell A House With Termite Damage In Houston

We buy houses with Termite Damage

Termite damage in your Houston house? Don’t worry, it’s a common issue. Many properties in Houston, particularly those built over 50 years ago, will likely experience some form of termite damage at some point. Even national termite control companies have recognized this trend. On their website, Orkin, the pest control experts, state that Texas is situated in TIP Zone #2 (moderate to heavy) for termite infestation probability. This signifies that there is a substantial possibility of termite damage occurring. If an area has a higher probability of termite activity, more termite control measures are necessary to adhere to the building standards set by the International Residential Code for new homes. In this article, we will discuss the ways termites can harm your home and what you can do if you wish to sell a property that has termite damage.

How Do Termites Do Damage?

Termites Eat The Structural Wood

Some types of termites, such as subterranean termites, need a damp environment to live. These termites usually make their homes in moist soil and build their colonies there. As a result, if you have a problem with these termites, it often starts in the foundation or lower parts of your home. Fixing the damage in these areas can be expensive and complicated, as it can often impact other parts of your house.

Termites Eat Wood Around Doors and Windows

Inspecting wood-containing areas of your home for termite damage can be challenging as they are not easily accessible. This includes the wood underneath your home, within the walls, and in the attic. To inspect these areas properly, you will need to deliberately crawl underneath the house and into the attic. However, you can check for termite damage in other wooden parts of your home anytime with ease. Termites can cause damage not just to the doors and windows but also to the wood frames surrounding them. Wood frames are commonly used for door and window installations in homes. Signs of termite damage include wavy, porous, or brittle wood.

Termites Eat Wood Inside The House

If termites are not removed, they can move from the wood under your house to your walls. There is a kind of termite called “dry wood termite” that can eat away at the wooden furniture and other wooden parts of your home without needing moisture like other termites.

Please note that the list of possible damages caused by termites is not complete. These destructive insects can attack any wood located inside or near your house. They will persistently destroy your home until they are eliminated. To prevent termite damage, it is highly recommended to seek professional help as early as possible.

Sound Home Buyers Buys Houses With Termite Damage in Houston

Does Homeowner Insurance Cover Termite Damage?

It is recommended that individuals verify with their insurance provider about their coverage, however, Allstate Insurance has stated on their website that the majority of home insurance policies do not provide coverage for termite damage. This can be alarming and devastating if someone discovers that their house has been significantly damaged by termites.

What Are The Usual Signs of Termite Damage?

Forbes magazine published an article listing signs that indicate termite damage:

  • Drywall that appears discolored or drooping.
  • Peeling paint that resembles water damage
  • The drywall has small, tiny holes.
  • The wooden or laminate floorboards are buckling.
  • Termites can introduce moisture that may cause tiles to loosen on your floor.
  • Excessively squeaky floorboards
  • Crumbling, damaged wood
  • Stuck windows and doors

Follow These Steps To Sell A House In Houston With Termite Damage

Deal With Those Pesky Bugs And Get Rid Of Them.

If you’re not sure where the termites are coming from, it can be difficult to deal with them. They often have hidden entrances and tunnels under wooden beams. An exterminator can help you figure out where they’re coming from. Make sure to remove any wood that’s touching the ground because it’s a common source of termite infestations. You should also get a termite treatment to stop them from causing more damage.

Identify The Damage They Did And Get It Repaired

Before showing the property to conventional buyers, assess the cost of repairing any extensive termite damage after eradicating the termites. The tricky part about termite damage is that it is often concealed and revealed layer by layer similar to peeling an onion. As you remove each sheet of drywall, more damage is uncovered. All of this damage must be fixed before selling the property.

Disclose The Problem To Your Future Buyer

When selling your home with a traditional real estate agent, it is important to follow the termite disclosure law and inform the buyer about any termite issues. A home inspection will be conducted, and any problems will be uncovered. Not only is disclosure required by law, it is also the moral thing to do. No one wants to discover termite damage after the sale has closed.

In addition to the termite inspection report, the seller must provide proof of termite treatment and may need to offer a termite warranty. This can be costly, prompting some sellers to explore other options.

What If I Can Not Afford All Of This And Need To Sell My Termite Damaged Home In Houston Quickly?

If you are unable to afford pest control treatment for active termites or face the expense of significant structural damage, Sound Home Buyers can help.

We can assess your house in Houston without any hesitation. As a cash buyer, we specialize in repairing houses for resale, so we won’t need a typical home inspection. We have experience dealing with issues like the ones your house might have, which is exactly what we aim to handle.

We will take care of termite removal and necessary repairs, and you won’t need to provide a termite letter or warranty. Also, if we decide to buy your termite-damaged home, you won’t have to pay any closing costs. While many homebuyers avoid termite-damaged homes, we are not intimidated. We buy homes from homeowners as-is, including inherited properties and homes in foreclosure.To learn more about Sound Home Buyers’ operations, click on this link. If you need assistance and would like a free quote within approximately 24 hours, please call us today at 832-966-3533 without any obligation.

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