What Kind of Cash Offer Can I Expect For My House in Houston?

Houston is an attractive destination for real estate investors offering an all cash offer for homes. Many properties in the city and its vicinity are outdated and require refurbishment, making it perfect for those who want to buy-and-flip or own rental units. The lack of adequate competition means that there’s plenty of inventory on offer with strong returns – no wonder why so many people turn their attention to this bustling metropolis!

Houston’s housing market is highly varied, with home values spanning a price range of $100k to over one million dollars in under 30 square miles. It’s remarkable and this fluctuation is evident from neighborhood to neighborhood. To determine the amount of money you can expect when selling your property in Houston, Texas we must delve into how home prices are calculated.

But How Much Will They Offer?

To guarantee you get the most money possible when selling your house quickly, it’s essential to comprehend how home prices are determined and what factors can have an impact on the cash offer. Knowing this will help ensure that you get top dollar for your property.

Before you attempt to sell your home, it’s critical that you obtain a comprehensive market analysis. Here at Sound Home Buyers, we are proud to offer our clients a complimentary assessment of their property value so they can be sure they’re getting the offer on their home. To determine the true worth of your property, we utilize a variety of resources including realtor.com, Zillow, Propstream, and other local investor groups to come up with a ARV (after repair value) of your property. As the top real estate data organizers, they combine millions of facts and figures to provide you with an accurate view of your home’s worth.

Using market analysis from these tools we will look at the location of your home, nearby home values, recent nearby sales, size and features of your home, and home condition. If you would like us to take any additional features of the property into consideration, feel free to send them our way and we will price them into the final offer.

So What Is a Fair Offer?

We buy Houston Houses for Cash
Houses in Houston can vary greatly based on location

With a well-maintained property and recent appliance/flooring updates, you can easily receive an offer between 85%-90% of your home’s market value. Such an exchange is typically beneficial for both the seller and buyer alike. When you go with cash offers, the expenses and fees are minimal, plus there are virtually no contingencies to worry about. Not only that but speed is a sure thing: you’re guaranteed your cash on the settlement date without waiting around for title companies, inspections or financing from the seller.

With this approach, selling/buying is made effortless. Unfortunately, however, homes in such ideal conditions are not common.

If your home requires some TLC, you should anticipate a cash offer in the ballpark of 60-70% of its value. This is due to the fact that buyers who purchase with cash are seeking properties they can repair and refurbish themselves – oftentimes at their own expense. If you are looking to make repairs on your home, don’t worry – our team can help! We specialize in flooring, roofing and appliance repair. Have questions about the estimated cost of a project? Our friendly representatives will be more than happy to walk you through it step by step so that you feel comfortable with any decisions made.

Every property has its unique characteristics and potential issues that must be addressed. Depending on the market, size of the home and where it’s located; some properties will move faster than others. For example, houses in Spring Valley are more likely to sell for a higher price compared to those within city limits. Homes in the Houston Heights area often fetch higher prices than those further inland, making it a desirable place to invest. Additionally, if you are dealing with foreclosure, divorce, or probate we can expedite the process for you to sell even faster.

Interested in Making Cash on Your Home?

Get started on your sale for free today by filling out our contact form! We will assess the market and uncover a buyer perfectly-suited to meet all of your needs. Our experts are here to guide you through every step of the process. Here at Sound Homebuyers, we make it our mission to deliver the most satisfactory home-selling experience all throughout Texas. Don’t take our word for it – reach out today and find out why hundreds of clients have already been thrilled with us!

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