Selling a House With Code Violations in Houston TX

Homeownership can come with its fair share of frustrations, none more so than the dreaded code violations. Whether you’re looking to sell or simply want to enjoy your property, these pesky issues have a tendency to pop up and derail your plans, not to mention the costs associated with correcting them! Unfortunately for many homeowners, understanding the specifics of their violation is often difficult in addition to being ill-equipped when it comes time to address them. Navigating the process of correcting code violations can be an intimidating undertaking. Thankfully, our own experience in working with Houston has yielded some insights that may help make it easier for those facing similar circumstances. Here are a few tips we gathered during our interactions.

Know What City Department You Are Dealing With

Typically, a code violation is the result of an unsuccessful inspection or some other incident that necessitated action from the city. The City of Houston is devoted to ensuring the well-being, health and safety of its citizens through enactment and careful enforcement of regulations. To ensure that this mission is fulfilled, they are steadfast in their collaboration with locals for speedy compliance with all code violations.

Work with the City to Resolve Issues

Are you trying to sell a house with code violations? The most effective and straightforward solution is to collaborate with the city to settle any existing infractions on the property. Moreover, visual infringements can usually be addressed in no time by simply cleaning up the outside of your home. Enhance the curb appeal of your property and eliminate old issues by effectively trimming any excessive weeds, clearing out rubbish, and sprucing up the place. Be sure to address each violation with precision by understanding its root cause for an effective resolution. Code violations may require major overhauls to conform to established standards; however it is manageable if you take proper steps in addressing them from the get-go.

We have found that it is possible to work directly with the inspectors in order to resolve any potential issues. Take some time and go through each violation one by one and ask them specifically what needs to be done for the violations to be removed. Always keep a pen and paper handy to document their statements. A licensed city contractor should also accompany you when going over the violation to ask any necessary questions. Be sure to pay close attention when the inspector speaks with the contractor, as they may use terminology that you might be unfamiliar with. At the conclusion of their conversation, it is essential to receive a written and signed document describing exactly what issues have been identified in regards to the property. In order to ensure that the work has been satisfactorily completed, schedule a follow-up inspection with the city after all repairs have been finalized.

Appeal to the City to Lift Violations

After you have rectified all the violations listed, it is time to appeal to the city for a reversal of these citations. An inspector will be sent out again to inspect your house and ensure that no other issues remain. Be sure to keep a copy of your original walkthrough sheet ready in case they try adding any extra items into the violation list.On multiple occasions, when inspectors took a second look at the same situation, they discovered additional items that had gone unnoticed in their initial review. Since the work was completed in compliance with specifications, the city should lift any code violation promptly or even immediately. Subsequently, they will mail out certified paperwork to your residence.

Common Code Violations

  • Overgrown Lots
  • Stagnant Water
  • Garbage, Rubbish, and Trash
  • Open Excavation
  • Discharging Raw Sewage
  • Junk Motor Vehicles
  • Dead Trees
  • Bandit Signs

Price the House To Sell Quickly

To successfully sell your Houston house with code violations to a traditional buyer, you’ll need to drop the asking price significantly. Most buyers are looking for homes that offer convenience and will be ready for them when they move in, something known as “move-in ready.” When the issues with a property are extreme, most lenders will not provide a loan for it, so you should be ready to accept cash offers only. Septic, zoning, plumbing and electrical issues are all potential risks that can cause major frustrations for lenders. Before you get started with the property, discover what we can offer you! With our vast experience in this field, we are able to inexpensively restore houses at a lower cost than if you decided to do it yourself. Doing business with us will save your pocketbook as well as your precious time!

Why You Should Sell Your House Directly

Bypass the hassle of property showings, marketing, staging and upkeep by keeping your house off of the MLS. Don’t trust the MLS to determine when your house will be sold and for what price, regardless of why you’ve decided to sell. No longer will you be uncertain of when your residence will sell or the amount it’ll be bought for. Additionally, there are no agent commissions, fees, nor closing costs to worry about! Our quick and simple selling process makes it easy to sell your house, no matter what state the property is in! Without causing any additional stress or frustration, you can quickly find a buyer for your home. Find out how easy it can be to sell your house with code violations in Houston. You may be astonished by what options are available!

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