Reasons Your House In Houston Won’t Sell & Possible Solutions

Selling a home in Houston, Texas may seem like an uphill battle these days. However, if your home has unresolved issues like overdue bills or pending foreclosure proceedings – the stress of being unable to sell it is amplified exponentially. This pressure mounts quickly for those with mortgages still attached as well.

Big Reasons Your House in Houston May Not Sell Quickly

Although there is a limited number of homes on the market in Houston, that doesn’t guarantee speedy sales. Therefore, it’s essential to understand why an individual house may not be selling rapidly. Bankrate gives a likely scenario for 2023 that indicates inventories of homes will rise again in 2023 due to increase interest rates and a fragile economy.  With the housing inventory climbing, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for homes with issues such as those discussed below to be sold through an agent or FSBO in a normal real estate transaction.

General Disrepair or Bad Foundation

From the outside, this home appears to be unappealing and neglected due its peeling paint, broken windows, and other issues. However, what is most concerning are the deep cracks evident throughout the foundation of the building, not only affecting how it looks but also posing a potential safety hazard. Unfortunately, these repairs were never completed so as of now this house remains considered an unpermitted structure. It cannot, therefore, be bought or rented. To begin the process of reclaiming your beloved home, you have two options: restoring its foundation and obtaining all necessary permits or selling it “as-is” to a cash home buyer.

Investing both money and time into repairing the foundation is essential in order to prevent any further damage from occurring. Otherwise, your house will become more prone to deterioration over time.

Mounds of Clutter

Over time, it’s common to acquire an excessive number of personal items. This can lead to a feeling of overcrowding and congestion within the home from old furniture, sentimental objects or even just junk that has accumulated over time. For those who have been in their houses for long periods, such as elderly people, this clutter can become too much to handle when it comes time to sell the house. However, the disorganized mess that potential buyers see may make them doubt their ability to purchase the house. Furthermore, it will be hard for possible customers to envision how they might use and appreciate all of its available space.

Musty or Moldy Odor

Have you ever tried to sell a home with mold and mildew odors? If so, then you understand the challenges that come along with it. Trying to market such an abode may be fruitless, and even if someone is willing to purchase your property despite its scent, they will most likely demand a significant discount in price. If you are looking to get rid of the musty mildew smell in your home and make it more attractive on the market, there are a few options available. Unfortunately, most only work as part of a comprehensive overhaul; simply masking odors does not address how far this scent has permeated through carpets, walls and other furniture. It’s also important to consider potential health implications for any future buyers. Mold remediation can be costly but is sometimes necessary if it presents an issue.

To ensure the mold and mildew smell never returns, you must take decisive action. Enhance air circulation within your residence by ventilating properly; a dehumidifier could also help. Additionally, keep up with regular house cleanings! Don’t forget those areas that are particularly susceptible to mold and mildew growth! If you adhere to these steps, the offensive odor will be eliminated for good and your home’s market value will increase significantly.

we buy houses in Houston that need remodeling
An old kitchen can be a reason your house won’t sell. Sound Homebuyers buys houses that need remodeling.

High Utility Bills Due to Poor Insulation

Drafty windows can be one of the key culprits behind an inefficient energy system, with the U.S. Department of Energy estimating that it could cost up to 30% of a home’s heating and cooling expenses! Not only do these drafty windows let in cold air during winter and hot air during summer, but they also force your furnace or AC unit to work harder at maintaining comfortable temperatures inside your house. To quickly and drastically reduce your energy costs, replace those outdated windows with more modern, efficient ones. Current models are designed to have a tighter insulation and seal which will minimize the loss of both heat in winter and cool air during summer months. Moreover, replacing single-pane windows that commonly come standard in older homes with double- or triple panes can bring about even greater savings on power bills! A smart homebuyer should take note of any current utility expenses before making their purchase decision so they aren’t surprised later down the line by an inflated bill due to poor efficiency standards.

Other Important Factors That Can Affect Your Houston, Texas Home To not Sell

There are up to 35 reasons why it can be difficult to sell your house, according to Other than the already mentioned leading causes, here is a thorough list of additional reasons:

Awkward Layouts

Low ceilings

Small kitchen

Overgrown or ugly landscape

Small or Ugly Bathrooms

Worn and Stained Carpet

Cramped, dark interior spaces

Sound Homebuyers Is an Answer for Houston, Texas’ Difficult-to-Sell Homes.

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