Avoid The Dangers Of A Vacant House In Houston By Selling

Can you recall an old vacant haunted mansion in a movie or TV program? That scene likely had all the key components: creaking doors, shattered windows, dust-covered cobwebs and more. This eerie atmosphere can be quite transfixing.Is your property sitting vacant? It might be an inherited house, or a home you were unable to rent out, or somewhere you left behind when life offered better opportunities. If this is the case for you, there’s no need to keep it empty.

In this post, let’s explore the hazardous implications of allowing a house to deteriorate beyond repair into an unprofitable asset.

The most dreaded result? An eerie, haunted house!

Shockingly, one out of every sixty-five homes in the United States is unoccupied! These vacant residences are often abandoned and left to fall into disrepair, resulting in a multitude of issues.Over the past few years, Houston has experienced a surge in vacant properties.

If the damage is too extensive to affordably repair, yet the homeowner still desires to retain their property, or intends on making improvements in due time but has not gotten around to it just yet, this strategy becomes a common choice.

Don’t get too caught up with the hustle and bustle of life, as it could cost you in more ways than one! Putting off any repair or management needs for your property can be a costly mistake. Though it may appear to be something that can wait, taking care of these tasks now will save you money down the road.

Don’t let your vacant property go to waste and risk losing out on its potential monetary benefits. If it is unoccupied, be sure to watch for any signs that could lead to debt, the forfeiture of your asset or even criminal repercussions.

Likely Problems Caused By Vacant Houses

Owning a house that has been uninhabited for an extended period of time can be more hazardous than one may expect. While the notion of no one living in the home might infer there are few worries, it is essential to take caution and watch out for these issues associated with an empty residence.

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An unoccupied house is like the California Gold Rush of the 1800s for potential burglars; they are eager to take advantage of any opportunity. It can be challenging to stop an intruder, but if your home looks occupied, it may make them reconsider their plan. Still, if it becomes known that you left your residence unattended, there won’t be anything stopping criminals from breaking in and stealing what’s yours.

Oftentimes, burglars will target copper wiring or other treasured possessions in a home such as the HVAC system and kitchen appliances. The monetary loss of these items is already substantial; however, it can get worse when thieves tear down walls and fixtures to gain access to what they are looking for. This situation then becomes dire as the home’s structure has been compromised significantly, thus requiring extensive repairs before anyone may reside there again.

Even if nothing is stolen, the very presence of troublemakers in your domicile can still do harm; they may vandalize or wreck things for fun. When intruders witness that you don’t value the safety of your home, it sends a message to them that there’s no reason why they should act differently.

Someone Could Start Living There

Houston is facing a surge in homelessness that has yet to be addressed. This dilemma poses a huge problem for the abandoned or vacant properties scattered around this city.

Unless action is taken, squatters could potentially reside in your abandoned home indefinitely. This can lead to irreversible damage to the property and will almost certainly cause it to decline rapidly due to lack of maintenance.

Squatters often become a difficult nuisance to evict, and may even be allowed to remain if they choose. But what’s worse? If they have resided in the property for an extended period of time, chances are they could have a legal claim to the property.

The House May Get Damaged Costing Thousands of Dollars In Repairs

A home needs regular upkeep and attention in order to remain livable. If this is ignored, the damage will rapidly worsen over time.

This consists of:

Water can be a costly destroyer of property, whether it’s from a broken pipe or water heater, leaking roof or gutters. Allowing this moisture to enter your home will undoubtedly result in significant structural and interior damage.

With unserviced heating systems, the risk of fire is a real and concerning issue. Moreover, in disused properties arson is an ever-present danger due to potential squatters setting fire as well.

Vacant homes can quickly become a playground for animals, and the destruction of property may follow. Doors left open, broken windows, or simply an animal’s curiosity are all causes that could create costly damage to these abandoned abodes. Termites are a pervasive issue in Houston TX, and it is especially important to treat them regularly on older wooden homes.


Whether you are living on or managing your property or not, as the owner of a home, it is still your responsibility to ensure that no one is injured and/or harmed by activity occurring there. If someone does sustain an injury due to something happening on your premises, such as a fire caused by neglected maintenance issues, then you can be held accountable for any resulting damages. Therefore, taking proactive steps towards safety and upkeep will help protect both yourself and others from potential harm.

Property Expenses

Even if your property is unoccupied, you will still have to pay government fees as with any other real estate assets that are in your name. The costs of owning a house remain the same regardless of whether or not someone is living inside it. This consists of:

Taxes: Even if your residence is vacant, you’ll still be liable to pay property taxes.

Fines: If your home is unoccupied and does not adhere to city codes and regulations, you may be subject to a hefty fine.

Don’t expect any discounts on your mortgage due to a lack of upkeep, the bank won’t reduce your payment, even if you fail to keep up with their standards. The cost will remain consistent no matter who occupies the house.

Failing to pay bills on time and in full can lead to costly penalties or even jail time. In the worst case scenario, property forfeiture may be enforced by a bank or government agency.

How To Make Money Quickly On A Vacant House in Houston

Not only do vacant houses come with a variety of other problems, they also represent an opportunity to make money! You are likely feeling that your empty home is useless and unsaleable. In truth though, you could be making quick cash off the residence in just a few short weeks if you act swiftly and decisively.

If the costs of repairs and upgrades to make your home both habitable and rentable seem too steep, consider selling it instead to a reliable real estate investor; you could get an impressive financial return on investment! Sound Home Buyers are here for you so that you can turn your vacant house into quick cash. We’re ready to act if there’s major repair needed; deep-cleaning required; or anything else involved in making the property more desirable.  Are you looking for a way to turn your vacant home in the Houston area into quick cash? If so, click here and find out how we can help get the job done.

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